Frequently Asked Questions About the Anti-Hazing Education Course

This Anti-Hazing Education program was developed in partnership with the Max Gruver Foundation in an effort to educate high school and college aged students on the dangers and consequences of hazing. Our materials were composed by a university team and are focused on recognizing and responding to hazing, while presenting real life consequences for poor decisions. A video presentation of the heart-wrenching story of Max Gruver as told by his parents, Steven and Rae Ann, will demonstrate the life shattering costs of hazing. A portion of the proceeds of each course completion is donated to the Max Gruver Foundation. #FlyHighMax  #StopTheHazing

Our one-hour course is a comprehensive learning experience composed of written materials, university research, expert commentary and real life scenarios. The course begins with a 16-minute video presentation of the story of Maxwell Gruver as told by his parents, Stephen and Rae Ann Gruver.   In addition, interviews with Max’s friends and classmates illustrate the far-reaching impacts of Max’s death and how it could have so easily been prevented. Ending the culture of hazing is the responsibility of everyone. This course will give the user the tools and the knowledge to effectively make better decisions when faced with hazing.

The course is priced at $19.95 for individual users. Group pricing is available for groups of 10 or more.

Not only is group pricing available, but setting up your group or organization with our Anti-Hazing Education program gives your coordinator complete visibility of all group users, including the following features:

  • Track user progress (Search users and view their course status.)
  • Retrieve completion certificates (Certificates will automatically be emailed to your group coordinator. Additionally, you may log in to your portal and download individual certificates there.)
  • Run and export completion reports (Reports are specific to your group and can be filtered by date range and/or state course.)
  • View user analytics (Analytics include pass / fail rate as well as average time spent on the course.)

At the end of the course, the user will take a 30 question test on the information presented in course materials. At least 24 questions must be answered correctly in order to pass the course. The user may take the test as many times as needed, but each test will be composed of a different combination of test questions.

If you do not pass the test, you will be directed back to your Student Dashboard where you can review the materials again. You are allowed to retake the test as many times as needed.

You can retake the test as many times as needed. All test retakes are included in the price of your course and there is NO additional fee for taking the test more than once.

After you successfully pass the test, you will receive a copy of your completion certificate via email. You may also download this certificate from your student dashboard.

Group Leaders: If you have registered with us for group pricing, your coordinator will also receive copies of each certificate for your group via email. This is also downloadable from your Group Manager Dashboard.

If you are having trouble navigating the site or completing the program, please send us a support ticket or call us at 866-225-6184.
Certificates are emailed to the email address you entered in the billing details. There are two main reasons why you may not have received your certificate.

  1. You entered an invalid email address in the billing section during checkout. Your billing email address is used for receipts and certificates. If you incorrectly entered your email address, you will not receive your certificate. If this is the case, you can log in to your Student Dashboard and download the certificate directly from that page.
  2. Your email address is valid, but it has automatically filtered the email into your spam or junk mail folder. This is especially true for Gmail accounts. Please check your spam and junk mail folders. Otherwise, you can log in to your Student Dashboard and download the certificate directly from that page.

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Your course fee is non-refundable.